American Federation of Musicians Local 443 – Oneonta, NY


The Local 443, being tied to two academic institutions as well as the Oneonta school district, relishes in the opportunity to teach music to local students, perform for the community, and energize audiences each season.

We also acknowledge the high costs of achieving an undergraduate or graduate degree, especially when considering an education in the musical fields- whether instrumental, organizational, from a recording and production stand-point or in music industry in general.

In an effort to support those hopes and ambitions of area students, we invite graduating high school seniors, as well as students in the music fields at both SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College, to apply for our monetary awards each year, to defray the costs of an education in the arts. Our recent scholarship awards have been available to immediate relatives of AFM Members studying the musical arts and sciences, regardless of where they choose to achieve that education. Those eligibility requirements will be posted for the following scholarship award year before the end of the previous calendar year.

The union has administrative tasks that could always use a second look when we’re preparing documents, archiving recordings and physical artifacts, as well as helping some of our more mature members catalogue their experiences with the union at the end of a lifetime of performing. Because we all have other occupations, some working full-time outside of music, we are always looking for volunteers and interns to work with the union and its members to prepare biographical websites, digitize documents, archive and manage computer files, and promote the union at area events and activities.

If you’d like to volunteer or intern with the union, or would like to be a part of our outreach program for older members and emeritus members, kindly forward your details and interest level to our Secretary. If you are a current or past member, or the relative of a member, similarly reach out and let us know how the union can serve you.

We also acknowledge the difficulty of newly-minted graduates in looking for and finding work in the musical trades, and our experienced membership have among their ranks people whom have worked in all aspects of the industry- from performing on Broadway, in Hollywood, or as a touring band on in international stage. We also know many other people outside of the union and outside of the community who may be better able to connect you to your musical aspirations. Let us help mentor you into the future of your career in music. Also consider joining the union to receive the generous benefits you can use now and while you’re working within your field.

Peruse our member page to see if anyone on our roster plays your instrument or can help you connect to someone in the industry. It’s all about networking. A musician’s life might not always be about who you know over what you know, though knowing the right people at the right time always helps!

2017 Scholarship details forthcoming.

In 2017 we hope to fund scholarships through more outreach, public fundraising, and grant writing which will enable Local 443 to offer more awards and larger sums. In like fashion, the requirements of those awards will be of a collegiate standard, as we expect musicians applying for scholarship funds to be skilled in their craft as well as dedicated to their studies, proven with academic success before awards are granted or renewed.

Past Scholarship Award Winners

We’re sifting through our archives to give you details shortly.


The Local 443 appreciates your membership as well as your experience. If you have any content to propose for the website or Facebook page, please reach out to our Secretary of one of the members on the PR/Marketing committee.

We are here to support your continuing education and experiential learning- let us know if you’re going on sabbatical, are engaged in a research project, writing a book, drafting a score, or working on a newsworthy undertaking. We’d like to feature your stories as well as provide any assistance we can at helping you achieve your ambitions and passions within music! Contact us today to let us know what’s up and how we can assist you in your journey.


We have installed a MEMBERS ONLY AREA on our website (on the top right menu on the main home page) that includes approved Executive Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes, as well as monthly Treasurer’s Reports.

In order to gain access to this material, you must click on the MEMBERS AREA menu heading; you will then be prompted to register with your name and email (must be the email we have on file for you); the web admin must manually approve your registration (so, please be patient…if you do not receive confirmation within a week, please contact me at; once your request has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation which will allow you to set up a personal password and give you access to the site material (we will not be aware of your password or personal information).